Baby Cradle

Four pieces in warm native cherry.

SHOP OWNER: Brian McKinney
LOCATION: Richboro, PA

    I made this nursery furniture for our first child, Tommy. My pregnant wife accompanied me to the mill to pick out the raw PA cherry last winter and I managed to get it all done by his birthday!
    The cradle was a freehand design based on cradles I had seen on WoodCentral and elsewhere. I turned all of the spindles myself. The ends are frame and raised panels. The main wood is cherry, with bird's eye maple used for the end panels and the cross-support of the stand. There are two sets of cherry pegs. One set holds the basket in the stand and can be removed for storage. The lower pegs act as stops for the basket so you can choose to let it rock or hold it still. The bottom is plywood that sits on some cherry supports. That way it can be replaced if it ever is damaged.
Baby Crib

    The crib was based on plans from Rockler. They also drop-shipped the hardware kit (it even came with teething rails). The most challenging piece was probably the slats. I used 6/4 cherry and "sliced" it like bacon on the band saw. I then ran the pieces through my drum sander to clean them up. It is all cherry, with bird's eye maple used for the decorative insets.
Baby Changing Table

    An actual dry sink I found on was the inspiration for the changing table. Unfortunately, as I constructed my cut list, I realized that their plan was inaccurate and none of the dimensions cross-footed. I had to totally re-do them but it worked out. With later placing it in the middle of a room in mind (maybe used as a bar), I used raised panels on all sides. It is 100% cherry and weighs a ton! The good news is that the weight, combined with the height, makes it a great "work station" for diaper changing.
Baby Dresser

    The dresser was based on some plans I found on It is cherry with cherry plywood for the side panels. I made a beading detail along the frame and on the front edge of the drawer dividers using my router table. The drawer fronts are cherry with birch plywood for the drawer backs and sides, and cherry plywood for the bottoms.
Baby Cradle

    The dry sink and dresser are both fitted with some old hardware that I kept when we remodeled our kitchen cabinets. All of the cherry and maple came from a local PA supplier, Hearne Hardwoods. I bought the stain, plywood and router bits from the fine gentlemen at Woodworker's Haven in Southampton, PA.

. . . Brian McKinney



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