Hooded Cradle

A lovely heirloom withstands the tests of time.

SHOP OWNER: Robert Clough

    These are shots of a family cradle. It comes from the Tabor family of Derby, NH. Abby Ann Tabor married Royal Southwick Ripley, my Great Grandfather, just after the Civil War. My mother went with her Grandmother, Abby Ann Ripley, to the Tabor family farm in Derby to get the cradle in the late '20s or early '30s. She then spent the entire summer of 1935 scraping the old (as she called it) horrible milk paint off with a piece of glass. The result was a rather nice reddish brown. Mother said the paint was pretty worn. The cradle goes back to about 1750 and is an excellent example of a hooded cradle.


Hooded Cradle   Hooded Cradle

    To recap my family history, Royal Southwick Ripley of North Chelmsford, MA married Abby Ann Tabor just after the Civil War. At the time, Royal was a Sgt. Major. After the war he became an Asst. Adj. General in MA to Butler with the rank of Lt. Colonel. Royal was always known as the Colonel. Their son, George, married Edith May Thorne. They had a daughter, Helen Monica, in 1898 that married Ernest Taylor Clough, born in 1897, of Portland, ME. They in turn had Robert Ripley in 1930.


Hooded Cradle   Hooded Cradle

    The cradle is cherry and a very well made country piece. The sides, feet, and hood are all carefully fitted and excellently crafted. The hood is curved, is two pieces, is about 3/16" thick, and nailed in place. The back is a single vertical panel. The sides and front are single boards. The only place the scrapings remain are on the back. The cradle has only had wax since stripping it and is now a beautiful reddish brown.

. . . Robert Clough



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