Oak Mantle and Surround

A warm look to a once cold corner.

SHOP OWNER: Bryan Cowing
LOCATION: Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

    After two years, I finally found time to finish the mantle in our new house. I covered the protruding 2x6 base with 3/4" oak stock, laminating up an 18" width for the hearth board.
Oak Mantle and Surround

    To frame the firebox of the gas fireplace, I cut black marble floor tile to a 5" width. I assembled four raised panels and a flat section to cover the drywall.
Oak Mantle and Surround

    Using a Vega Pro-36 copier, I turned the four 6" x 6" x 13" column ends.
Oak Mantle and Surround

    This shot shows me cutting the 24 beads for the 5" diameter center section of the column.
Oak Mantle and Surround

    Test fitting the column parts.
Oak Mantle and Surround

    Here I dry-fitted all the parts. The mantle top is a hollow box about 4" x 14" x 88". The top is laminated solid oak and the bottom is 3/4" particle board veneer with three strips of 3/4" x 2"scraps to separate the top and bottom pieces. I used biscuits to align and hold the front 3/4" x 4" oak cap on the box. The hand-carved accent for the center section was purchased.
Oak Mantle and Surround

    Incandescent lighting gives the mantle a warm look. I made the 1/2" wide notch in the dentil with the radial arm saw and the crown with my old Foley-Belsaw planer-molder. The stain is Min-Wax dark walnut and I added five coats of sprayed gloss lacquer.
Oak Mantle and Surround

    I included a flash picture with my wife standing beside the mantle just to show how large it is. The top of the mantle is 63" off the floor.

. . . Bryan Cowing



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