Celestial Series - Big Bang

Sculptures with an eye towards the universe.

SHOP OWNER: Herbert Cohen

    These four pieces are four of a five-piece series entitled "Celestial Series". The fifth piece is on the lathe and will be titled "Sun".
    This first piece, titled "Big Bang", was turned from Norfolk Island pine. It was turned end grain so that the branches would show to their best advantage. The sculpture measures about twenty inches high. It was turned from green wood that had been cut about two months prior to turning. The back of the turning was hollowed to eliminate the distortion of the wood during the drying process. Upon completion of turning, I cut the turning into four pieces and reassembled with a quarter-inch metal stud holding each piece together. I ebonized the cut surfaces and then lacquered the entire piece.
Celestial Series - Saturn

    "Saturn", a hollow form, was turned from Florida Mahogany and done in two pieces, then put together with an adhesive and finish turned. The outer ring was turned from a large piece of Mango. It was turned to completion, sanded, and the finish applied prior to cutting it free. After it was free, a bit of hand sanding was required and a finish applied. The hollow form was lacquered and I used Water Lox on the ring. It measures about sixteen inches in diameter.
Celestial Series - Moon Scape

    "Moon Scape" was turned end grain from a piece of Norfolk Island pine. The wood was allowed to dry for a few months so that the grain would tear out when the bevel of the gouge was not rubbed. This was done intentionally so that four different textures would be displayed to enhance the colors of the natural wood. The only color enhancement was the bleached outer ring. It was the intent to show four textures and four colors. There is a bit of hand carving added to the piece. The finished piece is not flat. It is about ĺ inch on the top and about 1-ľ inches on the bottom. I had hoped the piece would stand on itís own but that didnít work out. The diameter is about 22 inches.
Celestial Series - Meteor

    The back of "Meteor" is natural with the bark removed to reflect a rough surface. It was turned from a crotch or branch of the tree. You can see the heartwood branch surrounded by sapwood. It was turned between centers with minimal turning, so the color of the wood and branch would be enhanced. The minimal mount and finish with lacquer were done so the beauty of the Rose Wood would be the most prominent feature. It stands about 16 inches high.

. . . Herbert Cohen



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