Bryan's 4-Poster Bed

Based on a plan from Shopsmith's website.

SHOP OWNER: Bryan Cowing
LOCATION: Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

    I built this 4-poster bed from 1" rough soft maple stock for my 3-year-old granddaughter over several months, starting in the fall of 2004 and delivered it in late spring of 2005. The plan is from the Shopsmith, Inc. website. After downloading the plans, I printed them out as close to full size as I could get and taped the sheets together.
    The soft maple turns and sands very nicely. For the bed bolts, I chopped a square mortise access hole on the inside of the rails and inserted a 3/8-16 T-nut to 6-inch bolts in a 1/2" hole through each post and rail.
Turning the Two-Part Bedroll

    I had turned the two-part bedroll and finals on my 260-1VS General lathe in the fall with some soft maple leftover from another project. Turning the pin 1/16"undersize makes it easier to glue up and clamp.
Top of Bed Post

    In January of 2005, I bid on E-Bay and bought a used Mini Max T124 copy lathe. This got me going again to turn the bedposts on the project. I made about two trial turnings a piece of the top and bottom sections of the bedpost to learn how to use the copy lathe.
Bottom of Bed Post

    After a while, I got where I could turn the tops in 15 minutes and maybe 30 for the bottom posts by flipping them to leave a square section in the middle.
Completed Post

    Here is the completed bedpost with all three sections glued up. I hand turned the finials on the General, and must have spent an hour on each of them.


Footboard and Headboard

    Here is the footboard assembled and glued up along side the headboard, which is ready to go.
Finished Bed Frame

    For the finish, I chose ML Campbell products. The stain is country pine with four coats of gloss Magnalac lacquer, sprayed on with a Wagner Fine Coat HVLP turbine.
    My granddaughter loves to drag all her friends to her room to show them the bed Grandpa made for her!

. . . Bryan Cowing



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