Jim's Shadow Box

Shadow boxes preserve a family's dedication to serve.

SHOP OWNER: Jim Shaver
LOCATION: Oakville, Ontario, CANADA

    My family has a strong tradition of responding to world events in times of action. My two grandfathers and my father served through WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. I decided to build a medal case to respect that they showed the right stuff in times of world crisis. These three men also represent two great countries, Canada and the United States.
    Inside of each case I have collected medals and service pins, that although originals, they are not those of my family and were not available to me. It took me almost four years in researching each man and seeking out the required materials I needed to assemble. My one grandfather was a decorated Lt. in WWI, receiving the DCM (Distinguished Conduct Medal) and the MM-Bar (Military Medal) twice. My other grandfather served in the field artillery in WWI and the RCAF in WWII. My father served in the USN in both WWII and Korea.
Jim's Shadow Boxes

    The WWI medals were the hardest to secure. They are all named medals, engraved on the edge to the man and his regiment with his name and rank, a common process for Canadian service in WWI. In that respect the case represents 18 different men during WWI and unknown others for the WWII medals (this practice of engraving the names was unique to WWI). I made three cases, one for myself, and one each for my two brothers.
Jim's Shadow Boxes

    The cases are basic shadow boxes; mitered corners with dovetail keys added for strength and beauty. The woods chosen were cherry for the cases and birch, white oak and walnut for the keys.
    A shadow box is a great way to display important items that have great meaning and bring some woodworking into play. My wish is for these cases to hang for many years as a statement to people who view them, to the honor and courage of three men important to me.

. . . Jim Shaver



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