Ed's Workbench

This 30-year woodworker finally has a rock solid bench.

LOCATION: Lake Jackson, TX

    In the time I've been a woodworker I have never had a good workbench designed just for my work. The outfeed table of my tablesaw or a piece of plywood across a couple of sawhorses has always had to do. Recently I decided the more than thirty years Id spent working wood most likely wasn't a passing fad and I should build something more suited to my needs. I based my workbench design on one by Frank Klausz and built it with the aid of an excellent article written by Keith S. Rucker, which is available on the Internet.
Ed's Workbench

    I drew up plans to meet my particular preferences for scale and construction. Alternating between the workbench and several other large and small projects I had in my shop at the time, it took me about eight months from start to finish. I couldn't be happier with the results. The bench has all the versatility I need for the small furniture pieces I build and it is rock solid.
Ed's Workbench

    The top is hard maple except for the tool tray bottom, which is -inch birch plywood. The base is red oak and the contrasting woods for the vises are walnut and bubinga. I applied two "very wet" coats of raw tung oil, cut with turpentine, and allowed them to dry for two weeks. After that, I wiped on five coats of Waterlox, rubbing between coats.
Ed's Workbench

    I took a ton of pictures as I worked to detail the construction and the methods I used and I would be happy to share them with anyone considering building one of their own.

. . . Ed Runci



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