Zebrawood Guitar

Building custom guitars has its challenges.

SHOP OWNER: David Lykins
LOCATION: Marietta, GA

    This guitar is my own design. It has a three-piece neck of maple and koa, and then there are joining pieces of koa that attach the zebrawood (body wings) to the neck. The fingerboard is Honduran rosewood with fake mother of pearl inlays, which I cut from a phenolic pen blank. I drew the plans and created all the templates for this guitar. However, I did utilize measurements I took from another guitar to get neck angle and other specs.
    I'm essentially self-taught, i.e. I've not yet taken any "luthier" specific classes; however, I am starting to make some good headway in my guitar building. Itís a much higher learning curve for me than turning a pen!
    The entire guitar was stained with Minwax "Natural" stain and lacquered with Target Coatings Premium Spray (water based) Lacquer (PSL). The guitar was then wet sanded with 400 and 600 grit papers, and buffed out with the Beal Buffing System. I put the buffing wheels in my drill press to do the buffing. Final polishing was by hand with a 3M polishing paste.
    I purchased the gold hardware and humbucker pickups from Custom Shop Parts. They have both an E-bay store and website. The guitar sounds great. However, because of problems I've had radiusing the fingerboard, I haven't got the playability quite where I want it, but I'm getting there. Of course, now there's an additional jig I need to make in order to perfectly radius my fingerboards.

. . . David Lykins



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