Oak Library Unit

Creating a spacious home for books.

SHOP OWNER: Andre' Mogilevsky
LOCATION: Boynton Beach, FL

    My wife and I are elementary school teachers and we wanted a library as opposed to a formal living room in our new house. I built this wall unit, which is 18 feet long and hung at a height of ten feet. There is a rolling ladder, five lights at the top of the unit, and an electric fireplace unit in the center. The two base cabinets on each side are separate and slide out. Oak plywood was the primary material I used for this project.
Oak Library Unit

    I started with ten sheets of high-grade oak plywood. I ripped most of them into 1' X 8' pieces for sides for the columns. Then I used 2" X 3" framing pine every two feet, starting at the top and ending at the bottom. The sides were attached with 2" screws. The top two by three was flush with the ends of the plywood planks. All the other two by threes stopped 1-1/2" before the back of each column. I used another two by three vertically attached to the wall with lag bolts and Tapcons to support the columns and attach the columns to. Once the wall pieces were hung, I simply hung a column over each 2" X 3" and attached them with 3" screws. I purchased the front of each column and the top from Lowe’s. To maintain a clean look, I connected the front pieces with wooden dowels.
Oak Library Unit

    To place the rail for the rolling ladder, I left a space for a solid 1" X 4" piece of oak. I purchased the ladder and rail on-line from Cotterman. The five-light kit came from Lowe's and was easy to install. The electric fireplace unit came from Home Depot. I made two jigs for drilling the holes for shelf placement. One I used vertically to space the holes, and the other to space the holes horizontally from each edge.
Oak Library Unit

    The doors on the cabinets slide on aluminum U tracks and are quite primitive but functional. There are shelves inside the cabinets as well, which are about half the depth of the cabinet. All of the wood received four coats of clear varnish with a quick sanding in between.

. . . Andre' Mogilevsky



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