Virgil Johnson's Huntboard

Wide mahogany boards and holly inlay add the air of authenticity.

SHOP OWNER: Virgil Johnson
LOCATION: Versailles, KY

    This is a huntboard that I started in December '98 and finished in February '99. It is made from African mahogany and finished with orange shellac padded over boiled linseed oil. The plans were drawn by Carlisle Lynch, who made this reproduction of an antique huntboard. The plans appeared in Tauntonís Building Period Furniture.
    The top is made from one 18-in.-wide board and the sides, front and back are from a single 15-in.-wide board. The grain is matched around the entire piece as it came from the board. I made the doors from 3/4-in. birch veneer-core plywood and veneered the sides with 1/16-in. veneer that I resawed from the large board that the sides and back are made from.
    The drawer pic (below, left) shows the 1/4-in. bead molding that I put around the drawers and doors. The holly inlay is 1/16-in. wide and came from a tree that my neighbor removed a few years ago.
    The other detail photo (below, right) shows how I typically make drawers for all of my furniture. The sides are 1/2-in. ash and the bottom is a 3/8-in. poplar raised panel that is attached in the rear only. The bottom of the huntboard is made from poplar and is also frame and panel.

... Virgil Johnson
Drawer Detail Back View




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