Cherry Lectern

This design goes well beyond a box.

SHOP OWNER: Hal Shearer

    The Relief Society at my church asked if I could make a lectern for their table to make it easier for teachers to see their lesson manuals. I think they were expecting a "box", so I didn't let them see how I had decided to ornament it until it was complete. Then I put a cloth over it and had them come over and take a seat. It was quite fun to watch their faces when I removed the cloth.
Cherry Lectern

    The box is from cherry veneer on MDF, with a Baltic birch shelf. The molding and corner posts are solid cherry. The medallion is comprised of alder, maple, walnut, oak, and Baltic birch.


Cherry Lectern

    I milled the tapered corner posts and molding on my Legacy Mill, as were the blank rings for the medallion in order to get perfect circles. Then I cut the lettering and other designs into the rings using my DeWalt scroll saw. A quarter of the front posts were milled away so they would wrap around from the sides to the front. So the rear posts would slip over the ends of the side panels, I cut a full-length slot into them. The shelf sits in a dado milled into the side and front panels.
Cherry Lectern

    I added a couple of blocks on the inside with screws into the top and sides so I wouldn't have to worry about people picking it up by the top. There are no other mechanical fasteners, just yellow glue.
    For a finish, I finally decided to use Watco natural Danish oil. I have brushed on three coats so far. WoodCentral has been a great help as I worked through this project.

. . . Hal Shearer



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