Larry's Sailing Canoe

Inspired by the 1920's era Old Town canoes.

SHOP OWNER: Larry Graubner
LOCATION: Nolensville, TN

    I do a lot of woodworking, including the building of a cedar strip canoe. I make furniture and cabinets for most of my woodworking, but also love paddling so this is a good blend of two passions. After seeing photos of sailing canoes from the 1920's, I decided to make one of my canoes into a sailing canoe.
    On this canoe, I started with a Kevlar Merrimack hull, which has internal cherry ribs, similar to the old-style wood/canvas canoes that had wooden ribs. Then we made the outwales and decks from Honduras mahogany.
    Using pictures of 1920's era Old Town canoes as guides, I fashioned the mahogany rudder. The leeboard bracket and leeboard are also mahogany. I had originally started with a 1922 Old Town wood/canvas sailing canoe, but since the wood was too brittle, I switched to this Kevlar canoe.
Larry's Sailing Canoe

    The mahogany mast and spars are from laminated -inch clear mahogany. I knocked the corners off on the table saw turning the square blanks into octagons, then used my low angle block plane to round them into cylinders. I figured it would take a long time to do this, but starting with the octagon blank down to rounded spars took less than an hour each.
    To hold the mast upright, there is a mahogany mast shoe epoxied to the bottom of the hull and an ash mast seat, which has a large hole on the back of the seat to hold the mast. I made the seat, and then had it laced.

. . . Larry Graubner



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