SHOP OWNER: C. John Hebert
LOCATION: Marietta, Georgia

    This tenoning jig rides the tablesaw fence. The workpiece is simply held against a vertical "fence" and run through the saw. All cuts are made using the regular tablesaw blade, and all adjustments to position the cut are made by moving the tablesaw fence.
    The large photo, 1.), shows the jig in front quarter view, illustrating how it is made with a channeled base to fit over the tablesaw fence. The left insert photo, 2.), shows the face of the jig, and the relative width of the vertical "fence" glued to the trailing edge of the upright "table." Overall dimensions of the vertical "table" are about 7 in. wide and 12 in. high, a size the author finds will handle most tenons. In the third photo, the jig is shown cutting a tenon cheek. To complete the tenon, the tablesaw fence will be moved and the workpiece will be rotated 90 degrees to cut the top and bottom tenon shoulders in turn.
    For comfort, the author has applied a rounded back edge where the jig fits the crook of his hand. The author advises that a screweye be installed to hang the jig when it's not in use -- he wryly adds that he learned this the hard way, by stepping on his first jig and destroying it.
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