Mahogany Pennsylvania Tall Case Clock

Featuring some beautiful crotch mahogany.

SHOP OWNER: Chris Knob
LOCATION: Wallingford, PA

    Just over thirty-five years ago, my Dad bought a grandmotherís clock for my mom for their 10th wedding anniversary. A few years ago, the clock mechanism stopped working. I suggested they buy another mechanical escapement mechanism from Klockit. They did and I installed it for them. Much to our dismay, the pendulum swing was larger than the cabinet, so the mechanism went unused.
Mahogany Pennsylvania Tall Case Clock

    Feeling somewhat responsible for suggesting the purchase, I decided to build them a clock that could use the works they bought. Lonnie Birdís Pennsylvania Tall Case Clock featured in a recent issue of Fine Woodworking impressed me so much I decided to build it for them as a Christmas present.


Mahogany Pennsylvania Tall Case Clock

    Mom and Dad requested mahogany and I just happened to have a piece of crotch mahogany sitting around. I bookmatched the veneer for the lower case panel and used solid crotch for the door. The pediment board and the returns are joined with half blind dovetails. The back is solid poplar.
Mahogany Pennsylvania Tall Case Clock

    The crotch pieces are finished with just oil and wax and I stained the remaining mahogany with Minwax red mahogany and topped that with wipe-on poly and wax.


Mahogany Pennsylvania Tall Case Clock

    By the way, I installed a new quartz electronic chime with an electric pendulum in their old anniversary clock. The old crotch standing next to the clock is dear old Dad!

. . . Chris Knob



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