Chad's Wooden Molding Planes

Creating replacements to preserve the originals.

SHOP OWNER: Chad Boehlke
LOCATION: North Platte, NE

    I want to share the lasted from my shop. I have been making some molding planes for myself and other woodworkers. The bodies are from hard maple and the blade I make in my blacksmith shop. I spend about two weeks on each plane and I don't drill and use a float, I cut the opening on a table saw and dado the side back in. Although not made in the "Old Ways", I make them to use, not as shelf warmers.
Chad's Wooden Molding Planes

    I cut the step away to the angle, like an open sided plane.
Chad's Wooden Molding Planes

    Next, I cut a grove in the step so I can replace the wood and cover the blade back up.
Chad's Wooden Molding Planes

    This shows all the parts - the plane body, wedge, smith-made blade, and the cover for the step. The reason why I do it this way is to get the most accurate cut on the throat (i.e. 45, 50, 55-degree angles). The hard part of making them is the blade.
    I build them for use in place of my old planes. Over the years, my own collection has started to show signs of wear and I want to use my planes without slowly destroying them.

. . . Chad Boehlke



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