Derek and Rufus the Benchdog

With space a premium, organization is key.

SHOP OWNER: Derek Cohen
LOCATION: Perth, Australia

    "Workshop" is a grand name for what I have. In reality it is the rear third of a double garage. Space is at a premium and so I have taken an interest in the design of workshops, of both members on this and other forums. I took some pictures after some recent reorganization, mainly to record the contents for insurance. I thought I'd share these with you all, since it will be a long time before everything is this neat again!
Portable Power Tool Storage

    This picture shows the cabinets in which I store my portable power and hand tools. I built my karri and jarrah workbench about 15 years ago (before I became so taken with the Neanderthal ways) and now needs updating. It continues to do (just) satisfactory duty. Alongside it is an assembly table. This folds back onto the wall when unused, and the tablesaw can be parked in front of it.
Hand Planes

    While many here know of my special interest in hand tools, I do use power tools, albeit with lessening frequency. I have a 12" tablesaw with sliding table and built-in router table. I also have a 14" bandsaw with riser kit and a range of blades. Tucked away are hand powered miter saws. The chop saw gathers dust. There’s no jointer or power planer here – I thickness everything by hand.
Hand Planes, Back Saws, and Chisels

    I spent two weekends rebuilding the storage for my hand tools. They are more functional than aesthetic. Tools started to pile up on shelves in cabinets and were a pain to access, never mind being in danger of damage, or damaging me. I decided to build a cabinet dedicated to chisels, another for the hand planes I mainly use, plus find a place for handsaws, spokeshaves, and Yankee screwdrivers.
Sharpening Center

    The last area is my drilling and sharpening center. There is room for power grinders, water stones, power and hand drills, and a drill press.

. . . Derek Cohen



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