Steph's Twig Furniture

The possibilities are endless.

SHOP OWNER: Steph Traplin
LOCATION: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

    I've only been building this kind of furniture for about six months and I thoroughly enjoy it. The materials I use mostly consist of white cedar, which is plentiful around here. I have a very dear friend that had to clear some land for farming and the majority of the trees cut were white cedar. This type of wood has very little heat value and weathers very well, which in turn makes it a practical source for this application.
Steph's Twig Furniture

    My friend and I attended a craft show in the area and noticed a bench similar to one I built with a price tag of $225 Canadian. We were both shocked and decided with the help of his fallen lumber that I could produce these types of things easy enough. I've graduated to a table saw; but just started out with only a handsaw, miter box, cordless drill, and some hardware. Steph's Twig Furniture

    I purchased the book "Making Twig Furniture" by Abby Ruoff, which was very helpful in the initial measurements, and I get many design ideas from the Internet. From there, I just try to incorporate my own style. The possibilities are endless!

. . . Steph Traplin



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