Wishing Well

A weekend project that will please your spouse.

SHOP OWNER: Loren Estes

    My wife and I recently removed a couple old bushes from a bank near our garage and the resulting empty spot required something. My wife remarked that she had always wanted a Wishing Well in the yard somewhere and she thought this would be a great place for one.
     Over the years I had see plans for Wishing Wells but never had one really catch my eye, so I went about drawing up my own plans which turned out to be very simple and easy to build. There is practically no waste and I was able to purchase my materials locally for about $65.
     It went together so nicely and turned out so well that I thought I would share my plan, so that some other woodworker might spent a couple of afternoons and make his wife as happy as mine was when it was finished. The only problem is that I now have requests for four more of them from friends and neighbors.

. . . Loren Estes

Wishing Well

Materials List:
3 each    1"x4"x12' Cedar
3 each    2"x4"x8' Fir
1 each    2"x4"x10' Cedar
1 sheet   4'x8' (4"-OC) T1-11 siding
Wooden closet rod or large dowel

1.  Cut and screw together (2) 20" squares from the fir 2x4's for the top and bottom of the base.
2.  Cut (4) 30"x20" well sides from the T1-11 and fasten to the 2x4 squares to make box for the well base.
3.  Cut 10' cedar 2x4 in half to make uprights.
4.  Center and fasten uprights to inside of well base.
5.  Cut remaining fir 2x4 into (2) 28" pieces and (4) 15" pieces. Cut ends at 45 degree angles to form rafters as shown in step 6.
6.  Rafter layout.  
7.  Cut gables from T1-11 and fasten to rafters.
8.  Fasten rafters to outside of uprights.
9.  Cut (2) roof pieces from T1-11 to fit.  Allow " overhang of rafter sides.
10.  Cut and fasten 1x4 cedar to make corner caps for base.
11.  Cut and fasten 1x4 cedar to make roof edges.
12.  Cut and fasten roof cap from 1x4 cedar
13.  Cap well base with 1x4 cedar.
14.  Purchase small metal bucket or make one from 1x4 cedar cut at 22 degrees to make 8-sided bucket.
15.  Make crank from wooden closet rod or large diameter dowel.
16.  Finish as desired.  I finished mine with heavy bodied natural deck finish.
17.  Place in yard and watch wife smile.




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