Curly Cherry Morris Chair

Morris chairs featuring wood that makes your eyes go "buggy"!

SHOP OWNER: Jim Shaver
LOCATION: Oakville, Ontario, CANADA

    These two Morris Chairs have been one of my favorite projects to date. I began in the fall of 2003 and finally had the leather completed this past November of 2004. The chairs are of different woods but both sport the same design. The first chair features curly cherry and flame birch spindles.
Curly Cherry Morris Chair

    The design influence is not 100% from any one plan, but a culmination of about six plans combined with my own ideas. The finish on the chairs is a boiled linseed oil followed by four coats of a home made oil based clear coat, rubbed out, and waxed.
    The cherry chair resides in my family room, next to the fireplace. It compliments the room since the floor is cherry along with a large cherry entertainment center. The leatherwork was done by Barrington’s in Toronto.
Curly Quartersawn Oak Morris Chair

    I chose curly quartersawn white oak for the second chair and had it finished with black leather. The oak chair sits in my finished basement next to a Vermont Casting gas stove. It is a wonderfully heavy chair and a great place to read a book, listen to music, or watch TV. The black leather is the classic finish for this chair.
Lock Miter Joints for Legs

    The legs are ¾-inch stock, ripped from a single board and miter-locked; although I believe, it will work as well with a simple 45-degree cut. The figure in the wood runs around each leg.


Curly Quartersawn Oak Morris Chair

Curly Quartersawn Oak Morris Chair

    These two chairs have brought me a great deal of pride in their completion. The final test so far has been that I never get tired of sitting in either one of them.

. . . Jim Shaver



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