Jason's Brass Smoothing Plane

Featuring brass sides and a beech sole.

SHOP OWNER: Jason Walcott
LOCATION: Grand Rapids, MI

    I just finished this plane. It has 3/16-inch brass sides, and a 1-inch beech sole. The sides mount to the beech with 1 -inch brass screws with the heads filed off. The iron is seated on a 25-degree angle, with a 30-degree bevel. The plane is very heavy, and well balanced. Although the throat is not adjustable, it performs exceptionally well.
    The adjuster, from a Stanley block plane, is simple; it is -inch wide steel, bent at a 90-degree angle around the nut, and rides on a -inch slot cut into the bed. I drilled and threaded a 3/16-inch short screw in the adjuster, then drilled a -inch hole in the blade. The blade rides up and down the adjuster on the 3/16-inch screw. It is quite a simple adjuster to make, and it has a very quick response when you turn the nut.
Jason's Brass Smoothing Plane

    The lever cap is a piece of 3/16-inch brass with a -inch brass screw and a Stanley adjuster knob. The front handle is a piece of wenge with a rosewood knob. The rear handle is also rosewood. As for the two black screws on the side, the top one is to center the blade on the bed, and the lower one is to pivot the cap iron. The project took about 10 hours to complete.

. . . Jason Walcott



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