Shopsmith Fence Upgrade

An after market fence and a little extra hardware.

SHOP OWNER: Len LaForest
LOCATION: Sembach Air Base, Germany

    I got so tired of my Shopsmith rip fence that I would’ve bought a brand new saw if I had space for it. They say that necessity is the mother of invention so I put the noodle to work and bought a Mulecab rip fence for my Shopsmith. Originally, I just bolted it right on, but wasn’t impressed by the cutoff capacity and flex at the end of the aluminum rails.
Shopsmith Fence Upgrade

    To remedy that, I went to the local hardware store and bought square tubular steel and steel L-shaped brackets and bolted them to both the main tables and two extension tables. The whole project reminded me of an erector set project on steroids. After about three hours of drilling and on-the-spot problem solving, I now have a rip fence that will stay square for the length of the entire cutoff capacity.
Shopsmith Fence Upgrade

    The whole table is supported at the end by the end table, which can be moved up or down depending on the depth of the cut. In order to keep the blade square to the table, I find it best to unlock the tilt mechanism and raise or lower the table until the indicator reads 90 degrees. The total cost for the hardware was about $30.

. . . Len LaForest



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