Mike's Cherry Hall Seat

Featuring joinery cut by hand.

SHOP OWNER: Mike Keating
LOCATION: Havertown, PA

    Here is my latest project. My wife wanted a tall hall seat to place by the front door of our home so she had somewhere to hang her coat and hat when she came in from the cold. She looked around at the local stores but could not find one that fit the other furniture in our front room.
Mike's Cherry Hall Seat

    I decided to draw some preliminary sketches and have her look them over. She liked the overall design, so I prepared to build her hall seat. This began with a trip to Hearne Hardwoods for some Pennsylvania cherry for the case and mirror. I decided to jazz up the piece by adding some curly cherry for the drawer fronts.
Mike's Cherry Hall Seat

    This project represented some major firsts for me. This was the first real project I have ever made without plans or actually seeing the finished product to get an idea of what it should look like when finished. This was also the first time I used hand tools to cut the joinery. I cut the box joints on the base to support the case by hand. It was a great feeling using the hand tools and I am going to try to incorporate them increasingly into my upcoming projects.
Mike's Cherry Hall Seat

    After the construction was complete and the project sanded, I finished it with one coat of the General Finishes Seal-A-Cell followed by two coats of the Arm-R-Seal gloss. I sanded with 220-grit paper after the second coat. Then I topped it with one coat of the satin finish and, finally, sanded lightly with 600-grit paper to get a smooth finish.

. . . Mike Keating



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