Oak Blanket Chest

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SHOP OWNER: Steve Deterding
LOCATION: Prairie du Rocher, IL

    This is a blanket chest I made for my wife for Christmas of 2004. The inspiration for this chest came from one built by Norm Abram. The entire piece is made of white oak with the exception of the -inch MDO bottom, and the finish is a mixture of tones of Danish oil followed by four coats of hand-rubbed poly.
Oak Blanket Chest

    This is the first time I used box joints, and I made them with a homemade jig and dado blade. The glue up was a bit tricky, but this type of joint adds a lot of strength to the corners. The top consists of three individual boards edge-glued with biscuits. I then rounded off the profile with a hand plane.
Oak Blanket Chest

    The handles and top straps are hand made of 1/8-inch thick mild steel. I turned the knob on a lathe out of 1-1/8-inch round stock. I arrived at the finish for the handles by heating them to almost red-hot and then dipping them in linseed oil, which gives them the "antiqued" look. I protected the finish of the handles and top straps with spray lacquer.
Oak Poker Tables

    I also made these eight-sided poker tables for my sons for Christmas from a plan from Rockler. The tables are red oak finished with Danish oil and three coats of polyurethane. The tables feature a flip top. Each top has two sides; one side features veneer with the grain coming to a point in the center, the other side has a felt covering with routed slots for poker chips and a drink holder for each player.
Oak Poker Table Oak Poker Table

    The pedestal was quite a challenge because after gluing up the eight segments, I realized I would have to turn the pedestal on a lathe that would handle the large diameter. Luckily, my cousin had a lathe that would work. Doing two large projects at the same time in my small shop was not easy. I hope my sons enjoy these tables as much as I enjoyed building them.

. . . Steve Deterding



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