Roger's New Cabinets

Quartersawn sycamore blamed for a champange taste!

SHOP OWNER: Roger Smith

    I recently completed part of the remodeling job in our kitchen that included the cabinets. The remodel started by removing all the old cabinets and a wall between the kitchen and dining room.
    I constructed the new base cabinets using ½-inch birch plywood with a cherry face frame. Each corner cabinet included two 32-inch lazy susans. The drawers ride on full extension slides, and all of the base cabinets feature shelves mounted on full extension slides.
Roger's New Cabinets

    My wife and I chose to build the drawer fronts and doors with quartersawn sycamore raised panels seated in cherry frames. It was difficult to find the sycamore locally. One lumber dealer gave us a name for the cabinets by saying that we had “champagne taste”! The sycamore raised panels are proud of the frames by about 3/16-inch. Each cabinet end features a raised panel similar to the doors.
Roger's New Cabinets

    The lower cabinets support two layers of 5/8-inch thick plywood glued and screwed together. We installed a ¼-inch backer board on this to lay the 12-inch square granite tiles. We decided on cherry trim with a walnut inlay as an edging for the countertop.
Roger's New Cabinets

    I constructed the upper cabinets using ¾-inch cherry plywood with a cherry face. To provide better access, I mitered the corner cabinet fronts.
Roger's New Cabinets

    The staggered height and depth of the upper cabinets provides visual interest. The shelves are adjustable and constructed using ¾-inch cherry plywood. Two of the doors feature glass panels while the others match the base cabinet doors.
Roger's New Cabinets

    To house the new convection oven, a stand-alone cabinet was constructed.


Roger's New Cabinets

    A new stove and over-the-range microwave completed the remodeling.

. . . Roger Smith



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