Mike's Sanding/Drilling Box

A shop-made addition for any drill press table.

SHOP OWNER: Mike Delfuoco
LOCATION: Roseville, MI

    Anyone who has used a drum sander in a drill press knows how much of a mess the sanding dust can make, and how hard it is to collect. This Sanding/Drilling Box will eliminate all the sanding dust, and I mean all the dust, when used with a 4-inch line from a dust collector, or even the hose from a Shop Vac. It also works well with forstner and spade bits that also create a lot of dust.
Mike's Sanding/Drilling Box

    I made the 18 x 15 x 5 -inch box from -inch plywood with some hardwood glued to the top edge where the dado is. The hardwood can take more abuse than the plywood when placing the top on and off. It has an 8-inch square box in the center that also has a hardwood edge and a 4-inch hose connector that goes out the side of the unit. I can easily attach the same 4-inch hose that I use from my dust collector to my band saw with a quick disconnect.
Mike's Sanding/Drilling Box

    The Formica covered -inch MDF top has a 7-inch square hole cut in it, which allows the use of the 3/16 thick oak inserts that have various size holes in them to fit the sanding drums.
Mike's Sanding/Drilling Box

    When not in use, there is room to store the sanding drums under the top.
Mike's Sanding/Drilling Box

    The two -inch thick cleats hold the box in place when on the drill press table, which makes removal easy when needed.

. . . Mike Delfuoco



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