Scrollwork Garden Arbor

A new scrollwork garden arbor.

SHOP OWNER: Lee Brubaker
LOCATION: Edmonton, AB

    Several years ago, I built a front entry arbor (Shop Shots #266 - Scrollwork Trellis) in response to my wife wanting one that was "different". Ever since, a neighbor has been nagging for a "different" one for the entry to her flower garden. My wife insisted that the neighbors "different" arbor had to be different from her "different" arbor. The picture shows pre-assembly in the shop on the left side and, on the right, painted and installed in the neighbor's yard.
    The arbor is entirely construction grade spruce and, because it is an exterior project subject to weather, the panel pieces are 3/4" thick lumber, laminated together to form 1-1/2" thick planks from which I cut the vertical and horizontal interlocking pieces. I did this to prevent splitting & cracking over time. Interlocking is by half-lap joints.
    Being self-taught, I scratched my head on how to make the eight-sided figures incorporated into the panel design. I ended up cutting the eight sides from laminated solid wood, then using my drill press mortising attachment, ate out the inside section, then incorporated them into the design again using half lap joints. The design was then set into a 1" wide frame all around and, as I added the design elements, dowelled them through the 1" frame resulting in a solid strong panel. After this, I hand routed both sides using a 1/2" roundover bit over the entire design except the outside edge of the panel. I set the bit depth to recess the roundover about 1/8", which in itself gives a rather pleasing relief detail at every junction.

. . . Lee Brubaker



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