Knotty and Patches

Organization and dust control provide efficiency.

SHOP OWNER: Walt Grannen
LOCATION: Menomonee Falls, WI

    I build rocking horses, and rocking motorcycles. I built my shop in my basement last year after looking at many shops at sites such as this. Like many shops, space is at a premium, so it pays to be organized. This picture shows two recently completed horses, "KNOTTY", made from walnut, and "PATCHES", which is all cherry. I finished both with Tung oil.
    I started woodworking when some friends of mine had their first baby about four years ago. I wanted to build a rocking horse, so I bought some plans, and went to work in my garage. Like many woodworkers, I grew tired of the hassles of working in a garage and the expense of trying to heat it in Wisconsin. It took some time to convince my wife that having my shop in the basement would not pollute the house with a foot of dust a week. Some friends helped with the construction and wiring and, before long, I had a finished shop that measures 15' X 25'. While not large enough for building cabinets, itís large enough to build rocking toys and small projects.
Southeast Corner

    Looking in the southeast direction, I installed my Vac system with the filter. My research told me it would be worthwhile to filter to 2 microns as opposed to 20 microns with the bag system. So far, it works very well. I have 4" PVC going in both directions. I had every intention of grounding it, but didn't, and I have not had a static or clogging problem.
Oscilating Spindle Sander Station

    To the left is my profile sander and, to the right, pen lathe area. In the lower left, you can see the shelves I made for holding my patterns.


Northeast Corner

    Looking northeast is where I store my smaller items, along with my project board.
Northwest Corner

    My airborne filtration is visible looking north. You would have to be 6' 5" tall to hit your head, as I had our home built with a tall basement.
    In this northwest view, my sanding table is visible. I have my random orbit sander hooked up to the Vac system, as is the router, band saw, spindle sanders and disc sander. I also have a centrally positioned hose (seen in southwest view) that can reach every corner of the shop. I have the Vac system on a remote starter that I wear, which makes things very convenient.
Hand Power Tool Storage

    Looking at the hand held power tools, you can see how I have them organized. Itís one of the better things I did in the shop. My scroll saw and router table are also visible.
Southwest View

    The last area of the shop is the southwest corner, set up for the band saw, on wheels, and drill press. On the south wall is my table saw, and compound saw. I have them situated level with the table, and located on wood dowels for the times when I need to move them.

. . . Walt Grannen



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