Sawmill Shelves

Making quality furniture and lumber products utilizing the entire tree.

LOCATION: Jamestown, TN

    I’m a retired US Army pilot. I have been making furniture since 1982. I own and operate “Solidwoods”, a sawmill where I cut and kiln-dry my own lumber to make quality furniture and lumber products. I don't use particleboard or any pressed wood products with a picture of wood pasted on it. Just solid woods, figured woods, veneers, and cabinet grade plywoods to build the highest quality products my skills will allow.
    The Sawmill Shelf is one of my own designs. Most feature one or two natural edges, mounted on brackets or sconces with a screw plate. I make them in horizontal and vertical styles. The top shelf is black cherry and below that is wormy white pine.

    These ambrosia maple benches are 2 ½” thick, and 4' long. The bench in the background is red oak. Some of the woods I work are: oak (red, white, black, scarlet, water, live), black cherry, pine (Southern yellow, white, hemlock) - some are naturally colored with a spectacular splash of blue, pecan, hickory, poplar, walnut, Eastern red cedar, and recycled woods from structures when available.
    I practice what’s been termed "Treecycling". I use just about every bit of the tree that I process. Some of my products have even been specifically designed to accommodate the tree. I mostly saw recycled logs from the urban tree clearing industry; almost none of our lumber comes from forest trees. However, I do purchase some commercial logging scraps like short or curved logs, wormy or discolored logs, or crotches and stumps of certain species.
Woodweave Panel

    This is a product that I make called “Woodweave”. This particular job is three panels on a ceiling. These have antique wormy yellow pine frames and a blued southern yellow pine weave.
Wormy White Pine Chest

    This large wormy white pine chest features a lid with a natural edge on the front. The box has through dovetails, and two Eastern red cedar panels inside.
    Products that I make range from unique bird feeders and garden products to one of a kind high quality furniture made from woods with lots of figure and grain action. I work all shapes and sizes of wood from thick slabs for benches, to .100" thick veneers, which I use for my Woodweave product. Finishes for my projects range from a rough rustic look, to a high quality furniture finish. I use high quality water based finishes for most of my work.

. . . Jim Mckee



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