Uncle Sam Carving

And he was hooked!

SHOP OWNER: Jimmy Brown
LOCATION: Petrolia, Ontario, Canada

    I live in a small Victorian oil town called Petrolia, near the southern shore of Lake Huron. The establishment of the very first oil well in North America is within a few miles of Petrolia! This is not a well-known fact to many of my American cousins! Uncle Sam Carving

Santa Carving

    Since I was very young, I was interested in making wooden crafts and projects. I love tools. I always thought it would be great to be able to carve, but it just looked so difficult. Boy, was I wrong! About 15 or so years ago, I purchased a carving book written by Tom Wolfe. Wow, I was hooked. The book showed step by step how to carve small characters.


Gnome Carving

    I soon learned to rough out the form on a band saw, saving much time and energy. I thought my first carving was great but when I look back, it was actually quite BAD! I am still not totally pleased with my work. I use traditional knives to carve, and occasionally a small gouge. I make my own knives from discarded large steel-cutting hack saw blades. I simply epoxy the blade into a walnut handle I make.


Bird Carving

    I mostly use Basswood, which is indigenous to Southern Ontario. This wood has a very fine grain and holds small detail well. I have started to sell my Santas, Gnomes, Uncle Sams, and Wood Spirit walking sticks on Ebay with some success. The nice thing about the carving hobby is that it is very inexpensive, yet fun, and rewarding.

. . . Jimmy Brown



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