Bill's New Room

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SHOP OWNER: Bill Grunwald
LOCATION: Sheboygan,WI

    My interest in woodworking started approximately 33 years ago when we moved into our house. Although we had it built, I thought I would add a recreation room. I borrowed my neighbor’s table saw over the winter months. He wasn't using it anyway and he left it outside under a tarp where it warped.
Bill's New Room

    I made a few mistakes, as I'm sure we all do, but I didn’t give up. After the first year, I decided to get my own table saw. I bought a cheap Rockwell direct drive 9" saw. My wife was a little upset, telling me I probably would never turn the thing on once the recreation room was complete, but she was wrong. It took me eight years to complete the room because I work slowly.
Bill's New Room

    It took three years for me just to put up the ceiling. I used car siding for the ceiling. I used 1-1/4” #10 flathead screws, countersunk into the boards. I made wood plugs to fill the holes, which I chiseled and sanded smooth. I used mahogany for the plugs because I wanted the contrast in color. The room is approximately 28’ x 20’and I used approximately 2200 wood screws and plugs. I forgot to mention that before I put the boards up I pre-sanded and stained them on my workbench, which consisted of two saw horses and a piece of ¾” plywood. Of course, after I chiseled and sanded the plugs I had to re-stain those areas. I use only oil stain (wet & dry brush method). I finished with two coats of satin poly.
Bill's New Room

    Then I proceeded to make the ceiling molding. For that I chose cherry. It was simple to make, just a 1/2-inch groove and a roman ogee. I filled the groove with a single braid rope, which I had to weave and spray paint gold. I estimate I used approximately 250 ft. of braid. I secured the braid with silicone adhesive, holding it in place with finishing nails until dry. Later on, I used this same rope for making picture frames.


Bill's New Room

    Because I wanted a nautical theme, I made the ship mast table around the metal support pole. I don’t have a lathe, however, I had an old friend make them for me. I was also lucky to find a fellow selling a piece of 5” x 6” x 6-feet oak for the column. I cut the oak into six pieces, made a form, and had my friend turn it on his lathe.

. . . Bill Grunwald



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