Reclaimed Maple Primary Bench

Like routers, one can never have too many work benches!

SHOP OWNER: John Moscone
LOCATION: Rochester, NH

    I have to admit to a soft side when it comes to work benches; I have five. I use them all, some more than others. My primary bench is a maple and cherry bench that I made from part of a maple tree I found down by the side of the road not too far from here. The butt end was 44 in diameter. The cherry is NH cherry I purchased from a local sawyer with a Wood Mizer.
Reclaimed Maple Primary Bench




John's Dominy Bench

    This other bench is my pride and joy. When researching to make my primary bench, I read the Work Bench Book by Scott Landis (3 times) and the Dominy bench, built around 1769, fascinated me. While working as a Real Estate agent, I discovered a bench in a local house for sale. The old bench looked very rough when I found it. I dickered with the homeowner over the price for the bench. I know he figured he got the best end of the deal but I bought what turned out to be, in almost every detail, an exact replica of the Dominy bench for the princely sum of $150.
John's Dominy Bench

    After some TLC and replacement of missing parts, I moved it into the new shop addition I put on just to house it. I have researched the age and all evidence points to a bench made in the late 1700s or very early 1800s. Even though I have another fine old bench made about 1850, this antique is one I look at while sipping wine (or rum) and wonder who might have owned it and what they made on it.

. . . John Moscone



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