David's Poop Moose

A novel way of dispensing treats!

SHOP OWNER: David Richardson
LOCATION: Apollo Beach, FL

    The other day, while browsing on the Internet, I came across this really neat candy dispenser called a Poop Moose and made by Darryl Fenton in Alaska. Although he has a patent on the internal mechanism, people are welcome to make their own as long as they do not sell them. However, since I only had a picture of one, I had to figure out how to make it dispense the candy. In addition, after I started building one I found I also needed a way to open it up for refilling.
    As far as the mechanism goes, sorry, you'll have to figure that one out on your own. To add the candy I made a large hole under one of the legs and then made the leg removable by holding it to the body with some snug fitting dowels.
David's Poop Moose

    The head goes up and down on a pivot that dispenses the candy out the back end. I made the first one from soft poplar, which was fairly easy to make. The second one is from red oak and took quit a bit longer to make but was well worth the extra time. I left the inside varnish-free but put a couple of layers of tung oil on the outside and walnut stain on the antlers. So far, I have tried peanuts and M&M's and both work great, dispensing about 5-6 with each head pivot.

. . . David Richardson



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