Gun and Knife Cabinet

Featuring a gun rack that rises from the back of the cabinet.

SHOP OWNER: Bruce Brown
LOCATION: Knoxville, TN

    I designed this cabinet for my friend Mike, who collects guns, knives, swords, and other similar collectable items. He asked if I could build a gun cabinet that had drawers like that of a map or drawing cabinet with a gun rack sitting on the top at the back. I suggested a different approach where the drawers would be shorter in length with a gun rack that could rise out of the back. He agreed and I built this cabinet. The outside dimensions are: 31 H x 30 L x 49 W.
Gun and Knife Cabinet

    For the case and tabletop substrate, I used cabinet grade oak plywood. The drawer frames are cabinet grade oak plywood and the drawer bottoms are cabinet grade Luann plywood lined with craft felt. The drawer faces are birds-eye maple; the drawer pulls are Macintosh style and made of brass. The drawers ride on hardwood drawer guides. The front and back edge banding and upper and lower horizontal fascia are red oak.

Outside drawer dimensions (less drawer faces): 3 H x 19 L x 48 W
Inside drawer dimensions: 2 D x 18 L x 46 W
Drawer faces: 4 H x 3/8 T x 48 W

Gun and Knife Cabinet

    I edged the thick cabinet grade plywood tabletop with 3/8 thick by 1 wide strips of red oak, cut to reveal quarter sawn grain, glued on top and edge banded with red oak.
    The tabletop slides forward 10 inches to allow the rack to rise up out of the back. Under the tabletop, near the front edge, are two switches to control the raising and lower of the rack.
    Three limit switches allow for safe operation; one under the tabletop that closes and activates the electrical system as the tabletop is pulled completely forward, and two others in the back that limit the raising and lowering of the rack. The tabletop dimensions are: 1 T x 31 L x 49 W.
Gun and Knife Cabinet

    With the rack fully raised, the tabletop can slide back for easy access to the rack and drawers. When the tabletop is moved back as shown in the picture, the limit switch under the tabletop that controls the electricity for the whole system opens and the electricity is shut off.
Gun and Knife Cabinet

    This shot shows the cabinet with the back off and the rack in the down position.


  Gun and Knife Cabinet

    This shot shows the cabinet with the back off and the rack in the up position.

. . . Bruce Brown



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