Fred's Maloof Style Rocker

A student of the Maloof style.

SHOP OWNER: Fred Schock

    In 1987, I attended a workshop that inspired me beyond belief. Since I recognized long ago that I have more going for me as an imitator, I decided there was no one better to learn from than Sam Maloof, who was the presenter of that workshop.
    That started me on a path that has led to making many pieces based on his designs. At first, pedestal tables. Later came music stands and, just recently, I completed this rocking chair, his signature piece. Made from walnut, all of the parts came from the same log. The piece in the background, a TV cabinet, is also walnut.
    In 2001, John Pobicki asked: "Can anyone tell me where I can get plans for a Sam Maloof style rocker or something similar?" He's not the first or the last to raise this question. In 1995, Harvey Gold wrote: "Can anyone help find detailed drawings of Sam Maloof's rockers?" I venture to say that over the years, woodworkers have been asking this question many, many times. In response to John's question, Doug Stowe cogently wrote: "Check out his book - Sam Maloof, Worker in Wood. I don't recall that he gives dimensional drawings and I'm not sure how a person could create such a beautiful thing from plans or even make plans for that matter. Sculptural objects don't lend themselves to plans the way other projects would."
    It's taken me a couple of years to answer a number of questions not found in Maloof's writings or in those articles written about him and his works. I want to thank Sam Maloof for his great inspiration and show others that copying works of the masters can indeed give great pleasure.

. . . Fred Schock



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