Kitchen Cabinet Re-facing Project

Special veneers are the key to this job.

SHOP OWNER: Roman Mann
LOCATION: Barrie, Ontario, Canada

    This is a recent project of mine. I like to steer away from kitchen re-facing jobs as Murphy’s Law always stalks the project since all that can go wrong usually does go wrong. In the end, I think this pig’s ear of a kitchen wound up being a silk purse.

    I used custom made - sequenced rift-sawn white oak veneers to re-face the old dated plastic laminate doors and drawers. Because all the sheets were sequenced, it was necessary to number and mark them so that when they were cut and installed the grains would all line up. The bigger scraps were then made into gables, as these don’t have to line up with the adjacent door or drawer. Before After

    The white sterile walls were painted an olive green, to give it a more comfortable homey look and blend everything together while complimenting the straight grain of the rift-sawn white oak. Before After

    Adding stainless steel handles gives a touch of the modern look to a classic wood that, in my opinion, is rarely used. This proved to be an inexpensive solution to an expensive problem.

. . . Roman Mann

After Before


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