Dana's Music Stand

A gift of love for the gift of music.

SHOP OWNER: Jim Shaver
LOCATION: Oakville, Ontario, CANADA

    This fall is the beginning of daughter Dana's fourth year playing violin. She enjoys making music very much and, to encourage her, I decided that I would attempt to make a music stand for her birthday; she turns eight on December 25.


  Dana's Music Stand

    Although I consider myself capable with basic design and feel I am able to execute on straightforward projects, this stand represents a bit of “out of the box” for me. Overall, the stand is flame birch with rosewood accents and brass rod details.

    The main column is a simple two-piece glue up with mirrored dados to accept a ¾” rod to support the music sheet holder. The column was then taper-cut to create a six sided column. For detail, I turned both the top and the base to create a finished look. Dana's Music Stand Dana's Music Stand
Dana's Music Stand

    A rosewood turned knob on a 3/8” dowel acts as the height adjustment control, with five holes drilled into the support rod.
Dana's Music Stand

    The music sheet holder is a simple frame, which utilizes mortise and tenon joinery, along with half pear-shaped rosewood keys cut into the corners. Along the crest rail, I also added a rosewood pediment for detail. To give a visual of expanding space, I incorporated graduated spacing between the stiles.
Dana's Music Stand

    Consistent with lined sheet music, a stanza is five lines, so I used 1/8” brass rod to replicate that theme across the face of the sheet holder. Looking at it from left to right you can see some imperfection in the alignment of these lines and then they all become parallel…. sort of like the beginning of my daughters playing, a bit scrambled at first but then things fell into place. At first, I wanted to remove that one bar and replace it, but like her musical talents, I decided that it should remain there to represent her progress.

    The simple legs attach to the column base with mortise and tenon joinery. At this point, you are looking at the finished work with only a single coat of Danish oil. I will apply a few more coats of the oil and then a clear coat finish and put it away until December. Dana's Music Stand Dana's Music Stand

Dana's Music Stand

    Under the leading edge of the sheet holder is a birthday message for my daughter and, recessed into the wood, there is a 2004 Canadian penny.

    As a parent, it’s a pure joy to listen to her play. It really makes me feel lucky to know she has a passion for something. This makes you want to do more for your child to support their dreams. I hope this gift is something she will always enjoy.

. . . Jim Shaver



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