Mike's Oak Footstool

A fine start to fullfilling a dream.

SHOP OWNER: Mike Lindsay
LOCATION: Leduc, Alberta, Canada

    I recently completed two of these footstools. The lumber started out as rough-sawn 4/4 red oak, which I resawed, jointed and planed to get to the final 3/4" dimension. Since I don't own a lathe, I cheated a little and bought the legs from a supplier in Ontario. After a little work on my dedicated mortiser, which was the first time using it; I was ready to mill the tenons. This was another first for me because I had never used my Delta tennoning jig, which I bought at the same time as the mortiser. After glue-ups and clamping overnight, it was off to the sanding center where I started with 80-grit paper on the random orbit sander and worked progressively to 220-grit. I finished the sanding by hand with a 320-grit paper.
    The stain I used is Varathane 611 Teak Gel Stain, which I allowed to sit for 10 minutes before wiping off. I then sprayed the first of ten coats of clear gloss lacquer. Each coat received a light sanding with 320-grit paper. The cover for both footstools is a woven tapestry type fabric, which my wife picked up while on a business trip to the Seattle, Washington area a year or so ago.
    I have been interested in woodworking since high school but it has only been since my daughters left home twelve years ago that I have been able to afford all the "toys" that I feel I need so my shop resembles that of Norm Abram. My main interests are building "fine" furniture and maybe, someday, when I get good at it, I can say that I build fine furniture.

. . . Mike Lindsay



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