Rick's Crib

Tackling a pair of projects for children.

SHOP OWNER: Rick Sergi
LOCATION: Bethlehem, PA

    I've enjoyed hunting around and reviewing the articles, pictures, etc. here on WoodCentral. You have a WEALTH of info stored here! As a relatively new woodworker, I was somewhat hesitant to submit anything I've done. However, having enjoyed the site so much, I thought it would be nice to be a part of it. Here are pictures of two projects Id like to share.
Rick's Crib

    The crib is from my own plans. I used ash and finished it in a translucent white stain. To create mortises for the slats, I first routed grooves in the top and bottom rails for each side. Once I fitted the slats in these grooves, I filled the gaps between the slats with ash machined to fit. One side slides on hardware I purchased from Rockler and the other side is stationary. I also purchased the mattress spring from Rockler. I can say with certainty that this crib exceeds all federal safety standards.
Rick's Rocking Horse

    This rocking horse was a Christmas gift for my granddaughter and niece. The design is my own and the wood is hard maple. The mane and tail are made of heavy yarn and easily replaced if needed. To create the mane, I first drilled a series of holes into the head approximately 3/4" deep to thread the yarn through. I then sliced that section from the head and routed a groove onto the back as a channel for the yarn. I threaded the strands of yarn through one hole and out an adjacent hole, with both ends of those strands hanging freely. I followed this procedure on each pair of holes from the front to back until the head was completely covered. Once completed, I used screws to attach the mane back onto the head.

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