Bob's Basement Workshop

A basement workshop with room to grow.

SHOP OWNER: Bob Huddleston

    My workshop is located in my basement. Originally, it was to be in the 24 by 24 workroom right above, but my wife took over that area for her scrapbooking and upholstery hobbies. Luckily, we have a huge basement with hot water heat in the floor so it was easy to set up shop down there. I only wish I had more natural light.
    The 10" Jet Supersaw was a present from my wife. I am not very happy with the fence, but it works. Behind the saw is my DeWalt DW734 planer. I bought it just before DeWalt came out with their two-speed planer. I think my planer is probably the second most important tool in my shop. My dust collection system runs up and over using 4" PVC. So far, static electricity has not been a problem. Also pictured is my Rockwell radial arm saw. The entire assembly moves, not just the saw head, and it takes up a lot of room in my workshop.
Bob's Basement Workshop

    This shot looks back at my tablesaw and planer and towards my assembly area. I have a long way to go as far as storage and work platforms, but I am pleased with what I have done to this point. I would also love to have many more Bessey clamps. They make my work much easier. On the assembly table is a CD tower I am currently building. It will function as a table leg below the work surface in my upstairs office.
    This also shows part of the PVC line for my dust collection. The switch on the support column is my "remote" for the actual vacuum. A close look also reveals my old Rockwell 6" jointer just behind the planer. It is really old, but does a nice job.
Bob's Basement Workshop

    Visible in this shot is my router table and assembly table. It is an inexpensive Sears router table, but it does the job. One of my winter projects will be to make a much better router table as I find I use it a lot. The table saw that is behind it is a piece of junk. The entire table moves up and down, not the blade.
Bob's Basement Workshop

    This shot looks back towards my drill press and band saw area. I built the air cleaner that sits on the bench to the left from a squirrel cage fan I removed from an old furnace. It uses standard furnace filters to catch the dust. I am considering putting my Jet 1-1/2 HP dust collector under the stairs, which will cause me to jog out the wall. You can also see my temporary plastic wall. I am not certain how I want to finalize my workshop layout, so the plastic keeps the dust contained.

. . . Bob Huddleston



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