Steve's New Bench Space

A tricked-out new bench space.

SHOP OWNER: Steve King

    I have finally finished overhauling my cramped and cluttered old workbench space by building my new miter and radial arm saw stations. The bench is 15' 3" long, 35" deep, and 36" high. I used the idea from Norm’s new benches on the “New Yankee Workshop”. I liked the way he constructed the carcass but changed the layout of the drawers, drawer sizes, and location of the tools.

    Here are some pictures of my bench before renovation. When in use, the miter saw sat on top of my router table. Steve's Old Bench Space Steve's Old Bench Space
Steve's New Bench Space

    There is 34" between centers of the miter saw and radial arm saw blades. The dust control for the miter saw has a 6” hose going to a 12" to 6" reducer that sits under the saw with a 1 1/2" hose going to the dust port behind the saw. For the radial arm saw, there is a 5" duct going to the back of the saw and a 2 1/2" hose going to the blade guard dust port.
Router Work Station

    I installed my router lift and insert on the left side of the bench, which has a 4" duct from the cyclone to the underside of the router and a 2 1/2" hose to the fence. I put a door on the front to access the router speed control and locking arm of the Hitachi M12V router.
Open Work Space

    I mounted the miter saw below the bench top so it could line up with the radial arm saw. I also wanted the saw below the top so the fence could be removed along with the router fence and dust collection hoses; leaving a 3’ x 7 ˝’ open work space.

. . . Steve King



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