An established theme influenced this evolving design.

SHOP OWNER: Alan Young
LOCATION: Ypsilanti, MI

    Last spring, the Glacier Hills Retirement Community in Ann Arbor, Michigan commissioned me to build three pieces for their new chapel room. The theme of the Chapel is "Light over Darkness", so I tried to incorporate that theme into my designs.
    This altar is a continuation of a developing style. (See the altar I built in 2003) The legs, aprons, and top of the altar are cherry. The base stretcher and the top border are walnut.

    This suspended starburst is from walnut and maple.




    The lectern is from walnut and mahogany. The rectangular center portion of this piece features four black walnut posts with mahogany panels. The panels have a curved opening on the sides that I covered with frosted Plexiglas. I installed a halogen light on the inside of this portion. When turned on, there is a soft "glow" that emanates from the interior. This carries on the "Light over Darkness" theme for the Chapel.
Lectern Top

    The frame panels and the top are from mahogany; the base and interior posts are walnut.




    The Cross is cherry with walnut details. A tri-level base is also from cherry and walnut.



Altar, Lectern, and Cross

    My initial drawings seemed to indicate the designs would compliment each other well. However, I must confess a bit of disappointment in the lack of unity between the altar and the lectern. Incorporating the chapel theme by lighting the inside of the lectern to "glow through the darkness", I thought having dark stained panels would enhance the effect. In retrospect, I think I should have at least made the legs, the base, and framework of the lectern from cherry instead of walnut. That may have tied the pieces together somewhat better.

. . . Alan Young



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