Mantle Clock

What a lovely anniversary gift!

SHOP OWNER: Mike Keating
LOCATION: Havertown, PA

    I just completed this mantel clock for my in-law's anniversary. Since other projects would continuously sneak up on me and take priority over the clock, it took a period of about four months to build.
Mantle Clock

    It is from mahogany and quartersawn bubinga veneer. Since I had some quartersawn bubinga veneer left over from a pool table I am rebuilding, I decided instead of making the side panels from glass, to try for a contrast between woods. The veneer gave a great contrast in the grain pattern, however the color contrast was not as dramatic as I would have liked.
Mantle Clock


    I purchased all of the components from either Klockit or Black Forest Imports; the lumber came from the “Specials” section of The design came from a Woodsmith issue published a few years back. I finished with two coats of Danish oil, followed by two coats of Arm-R-Seal gloss, and one coat of their satin.
Mantle Clock

    This is my first experience with clock building and I really liked it. I did make a few mistakes along the way. Although nothing too big, I did have to rebuild the side panels once. This was a great experience and I think I may try building the clock in the current issue of Fine Woodworking. However, that will be sometime after I complete my current list of projects.

. . . Mike Keating



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