Gerry's Chest

Their combined talents create unique custom work.

SHOP OWNER: Gerald Caryl
LOCATION: Ogdensburg, NY

    My wife and I love to put images on wood; I carve the images and she paints them. We made this chest for my daughterís friend. The object of this design was to have the repeat image in the fabric displayed in an oval on the front of the chest, complimented with French scrollwork. The chest is 54" wide, 24" high, and 18" deep.
Gerry's Chest

    As partners, my wife and I have a system that works. I operate the shop, and she does all the painting. When a customer gives me a picture or an idea of what they want, I transcribe it to a glued-up and sanded panel. After I draw the picture, I use a router with a 30-degree, three cutter bit to etch it into the wood. By using various bit and depth settings, I can do just about anything with the router. Itís a lot like those guys you see at the fair that make the wooden signs right there in front of you.


Gerry's Chest

    If youíre familiar with French curves, scrollwork is a snap with a little practice. I do not use any fixed size templates as we make all different size pieces. A speed control and knowing what direction the bit is cutting and keeping the bit sharp are the keys.
Gerry's Chest

    We do custom projects of this type in our shop, as people like the idea that they have a say in the design. An example of this is the bench that we made for a customerís deck at his summer home. The wood I use is 6/4 hard pine. Sometimes I resaw it for thin projects, but most of the time, I use it thick. After I plane it, it is usually 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 in thickness. Although I use a variety of finishes, the one I use depends upon the project.
Gerry's Chest

    For this sign, a customer gave me a picture of the partridge and I put it in the wood. The sign now hangs over his shop entrance. The close-up shows the detail of my wife's painting ability. We also do custom pictures for other shop owners who incorporate them on gun chests, cabinets, hutches, and other items.
Gerry's Chest

    We recently built a new 46' long shop. Since we live in town, I could only build it 16í wide, so itís two stories. The finish room, storage, and showroom are upstairs. The woodshop is downstairs. My tools include a drum sander, 14Ē band saw, a pin router, a radial arm saw, two drill presses, two table saws (Walker Turner and Delta), three routers (Makita, Porter Cable, and Craftsman), a Roto-Zip (which I use a lot), and a Dremel. I also have a complete welding shop.

. . . Gerry Caryl



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