Brian's Adirondack Loveseats

A nice addition to the new patio.

SHOP OWNER: Brian McKinney
LOCATION: Richboro, PA

    I consider myself a beginning woodworker. Mainly because I see some of the work featured on websites like WoodCentral and realize I still have a long way to go. I really appreciate the time people take to explain their techniques, tricks, and tools. I guess experience is the best ingredient in any craft, especially woodworking.
    I built this pair of Adirondack loveseats based on a design from The New Yankee Workshop. My wife and I recently had a new patio installed. In exchange for paying a landscaper to build the patio, my job was to build some furniture for it. Milling all of this lumber from rough Jatoba stock took about six weeks worth of weekends. Once I did that, I found myself in the shop before work in the mornings and late at night. Knowing that we had company coming forced the finish line and I wrapped things up the day they arrived.
Brian's Adirondack Loveseats

    I'm proud of the benches, as most people still cannot believe I made them myself. I really enjoyed the process of making full size templates and cutting so many matching curves. Building two large chairs like this really proved to be a challenge, as every piece took twice as long to make. The good news is... I now have two chairs!

. . . Brian McKinney



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