Gary's Corner Cabinet

A challenging and beautiful project.

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC

    I have been an amateur woodworker since my teens and although I've sold a piece or two, most everything I make is for my family and me. This is my latest work, a bedroom cabinet designed to be in the corner of a room. It expresses my desire for clean, simple geometric lines, a contemporary style with a hint of art deco.
Gary's Corner Cabinet

    I chose cherry ply for the casework with alder for the drawer sides and back. The top has a final veneer layer to cover the solid cherry edge banding which had to be about 2" wide to allow for the tambor track. I ran the track on the outside of the casing to simplify the more traditional "sandwich" construction that one sees to hide the tambor in between two sides. Gary's Corner Cabinet

Gary's Corner Cabinet

    In all, I spent about 30 days on this project. Mostly Saturdays or Sundays over the course of six months (I know I'm slow, but it's nice not to have a deadline to meet). The challenge on this project was the making the half blind dovetails on curved drawer fronts, a first for me. It took me about four days to complete chopping out the dovetails and an additional four days to assemble the drawers and complete the final fit. I had hoped for better grain continuity across the drawers, since I cut my drawer blanks from a single nine-foot 6/4 board. However, to make the drawer fronts, I cut the blanks to minimize the waste needed to create the curve with hand planes.


Gary's Corner Cabinet

    I purchased the tambor doors and the metal portion of the legs from Lee Valley. I made everything else, including the tambour door handles. I incorporated aluminum accent piece on the bottom of the drawer pulls to tie into to the aluminum strip on the tambor door handles and the legs. The finish is a tung oil varnish mix.

. . . Gary Kunz



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