Sandra and Cradle

This cherry cradle is sure to comfort future generations.

SHOP OWNER: Marc Snodgrass
LOCATION: Arlington, TX

    In November of 2003, my wife and I received the joyous news that our niece and her husband were expecting their first child. In spite of the fact that both prospective parents come from rather large families, I was very surprised to find out that there was no baby furniture given to them that was destined to become a family heirloom. Being the only woodworker and furniture maker in the family, I felt it my duty to correct this problem and make certain this new family started off with a piece they could proudly pass from one generation to the next. After days of scouring the Web and reference books for ideas, I came up with a design for a Shaker inspired cradle with some hand carved embellishments.
Joinery Detail

    The project required right at 200 hours to design, construct, and finish. Despite the many hours required, the cradle was truly a pleasure to build because there was a great deal of hand, bench and lathe work involved. It features hand cut dovetails, through mortise and tenon joinery and hand carved sunbursts on the sides and headboard. Constructed of solid black cherry and figured cherry, shop-made walnut knobs and wedges add accents.
Cherry Heirloom Cradle

    In keeping with the Shaker and traditional influences, I applied a shellac and French polish finish. I started with three coats of garnet shellac followed with three coats of clear shellac. I followed this with several hours of rubbing the finish out with fine abrasives.

. . . Marc Snodgrass



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