Lila Taking Charge

This grandfather comes through despite the interruptions.

SHOP OWNER: Larry Verhoff

    Hi, Iím Lila. Iím five months old, and as some of you know, my Grandfather is building a baby bed and a changing table for me, which he started about last November. I was getting tired of sleeping on the floor, so I took the bull by the horns and went for a visit to get things rolling. That was about two weeks ago and my new bed and table finally arrived last weekend. I have to admit, he did a pretty good job. At least it made my mommy cry!

    Thanks, GrandpaÖ Lila
Lila Taking Charge

    I finally got the baby bed and changing table done for my granddaughter after about seven months, because we had many interruptions. I donít know but I think my granddaughter was getting a little frustrated.
Lila Taking Charge

    I made it out of oak mostly, but also used walnut and a few exotics like lacewood, bloodwood, sirrari, monkey pod, and purpleheart. The design came from a bed my daughter originally saw in a store. Of course, it was one, which would challenge me as a woodworker. The design had details that I never tried before and looked difficult. However, it wouldnít be any fun if it were easy!

    I added one special board to the bed and the table. If you look close, the board in the center on the back of the bed and the board on the top right drawer front is a board that came from her Great Grandfatherís house, who died just last October. They built the house themselves and this board came from the floor. Just a reminder of what great people she had before her, and I hope she never forgets.

. . . Larry Verhoff

Lila Taking Charge Lila Taking Charge



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