Art's Drawing Desk

Perfect for a junior draftsman.

SHOP OWNER: Art Liebeskind
LOCATION: Baltimore, MD

    This is a desk/drawing table for my ten-year-old grandson. It is of Peruvian Mahogany with Wenge through floating tenons and Wenge edging around the white high-pressure laminate board. To ensure identical parts for the side frames, I used the bandsaw to cut slightly oversized parts and finished by pattern routing. The frames are mitered top and bottom and secured with multiple floating tenons.
    The desk is very strong and in spite of the semi-cantilever design, can withstand leaning on it heavily. The top is adjustable in angles from completely flat to full angle as shown. My sliding table Euro combination saw was very useful, both in truing the meeting of the miters and doing the rather extensive mortising. Once gluing a loose tenon to one side, it behaves exactly like any other tenon, thus the through tenons of Wenge.
    I find it very helpful to be able to plot out full-size templates from AutoCAD on my 36" printer. However, if I did not have one, there are plenty of print stores who can do a full size print. I find this helpful for complicated joinery or circles and ellipses.
    On one bottom rung there is a small laser engraved plate complete with a small picture of "Johnny Mouse", a favorite story character over the years. This type of marker is quite inexpensive and any local trophy store should have them.
    The finish is a thoroughly dried first coat of oil based poly, almost totally sanded off, followed by four coats of spray can Deft and a final 0000 steel wool rub and wax.

    The desk took about 25 hours and obviously was a labor of love. If any WoodCentral participants would like a copy of the plan, all I ask is you make a contribution to WC and I will send you a PDF file.

. . . Art Liebeskind



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