Kim's Overarm Blade Guard

Gordon Sampson's article provided the help and inspiration.

SHOP OWNER: Kim Randall
LOCATION: Black Earth, WI

    I wanted to let you know how much the article by Gordon J. Sampson on overarm blade guards helped me. Using his article from WoodCentral, I built the system shown in the attached picture. I changed mine by designing an arm that attaches to my saw and to the mobile base because I need to be able to shuffle things a bit in my small garage shop.
    In my picture, I still have not painted the metal arm portions, and have yet to plumb the dust collection into the hood. I am redoing a portion of my built-in Oneida air system to better accommodate the new guard. I was a bit disappointed with the ability of the new hood to draw the dust and debris off the top of the blade (I scabbed in my Shop Vac just long enough to give it a try). A surprising amount gets thrown out past the guard when it rises above the table to clear the wood. Other than that, I think it is an impressive piece of equipment, and if I ever get tired of woodworking, I can use the arm to pull car engines!
    In order to clear my removable splitter, I modified the hood by adding an inch in height (something that was not shown or discussed in the original article). The wooden shelf on the arm is a tray I fill with push sticks. Kim's Overarm Blade Guard

    This shot shows the whole vertical mount from the top.
Kim's Overarm Blade Guard

    Here, we bolted it through the wooden frame of the side extension table.
Kim's Overarm Blade Guard

    Bolted down through the mobile base extension.
Kim's Overarm Blade Guard

    This shot shows the upper support arm over to the guard mount. The bulk of the frame is from 18 gauge, 2" tube steel and the guard fastens to a piece of 1" tube that we drilled extra holes into for vertical adjustment if needed. My buddy, who did the welding, has a saying: "If it's worth building, it's worth over-building"! I tend to agree.
    I am still waiting for some parts from Oneida-Air so I can plumb the guard into my dust collection system. When those parts finally get here, I will tear the whole over-arm apart and paint it to match my Unisaw before putting it all back together with the dust collection hoses mounted.

. . . Kim Randall



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