Cherry TV Armoire

It all starts with building a box.

SHOP OWNER: Bryan Cowing
LOCATION: Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

    I made this TV armoire for my wife’s friend. She saw one similar that she liked at the local big box furniture store. I used the same dimensions and color as the one at the store. I made the trim with available tooling I had on hand, as I couldn't reproduce the furniture store trim.
Cherry TV Armoire

    The interior is just an empty box sized for a 27" TV. It measures 24D x 43W x 72H. The sides are solid cherry as is the front and all trim. The drawer box and back is birch veneer plywood, as is ceiling and partition above the drawer.
Cherry TV Armoire

    I used biscuits as a third hand to help position the crown molding while installing it. I used my Foley Belsaw planner/molder to mill the crown molding.
Cherry TV Armoire

    I cut the dentil molding with the aid of an old Sears router jig, using a 1/2" core box bit. I never used the jig before and had it hanging on a wall for the last 12 years. I needed to drill the base to attach my Porter Cable router, as I sold the Sears router long ago. It’s just a simple plastic jig with some stops, springs, and an index pin.
Cherry TV Armoire

    The front pocket doors ride on Accuride flipper door slides.
Cherry TV Armoire

    To make the rosettes, I used a rosette cutter, which I picked up from an old furniture factory for $35.00. The cutter has very heavy blades welded together and cuts a nice profile. I use it in my drill press set at slow speed, with the cherry clamped.
    To make the fluted face molding on the front, I used a ˝” flute cutter in the shaper. I used a router bit to shape the blocks below the fluted face molding.


  Cherry TV Armoire

    The stain color is cordovan from the ML Campbell Woodsong II line. This awesome stain dries in 30 minutes. I followed this with three coats of a pre-catalyzed satin lacquer.
Cherry TV Armoire

    This shot shows the furniture store TV armoire on the left, and my finished version on the right.

. . . Bryan Cowing



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